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File installing hotfix.pdf  363K
File Release Notes Trillium OnSIS_ Update v. 4.00.00.pdf  125K
File Release Notes Core Trillium 4.10.10.pdf  110K
Hot Fix for Trillium

Hi Everyone:
If you use core trillium there are two new hotfixes that need to be installed. If you are a web user only, you do need to install these fixes.
Please go to the trillium home page at, select the downloads tab, and install the two new hotfix, they will have the Date Sept 13, 2018 beside them
To install double click the file name~ ie~ Trillium Hotfix 3 -New~~~~~ and~ Trillium OnSIS Hotfix 3 -New
Select Run, and choose Extract
The files will automatically unzip to correct folder.

If you have not installed the previous two fixes, please install those as well
I have attached a file showing screen shots, yours may have different wording, or look a little different depending on the browser and operating system you are using.
Also attached are the release notes for the hot fixes, listing everything that was corrected.

Please feel free forward this to anyone that may not have received it.